As an organiser of local and international sports events in Northern Norway for over 10 years, we have developed expertise in the entire value chain.

This expertise is based in particular on a close collaboration with Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O.), the world leader in the organisation of out-of-stadium events: Tour de France, Paris Marathon, Dakar Rally, etc.


The success of a sports or cultural event, whatever its size or level of complexity, depends first and foremost on the quality of its logistical organization.

Our experience as an organizer allowed us to develop an expertise in the operational management of events. We own a complete set of structures (barriers, arches, etc.), and have a large network of service providers in Northern Norway and Norway that will guarantee the best level of organization, security and professionalism for your events.

Our team is at your service for any rental of structures, assistance in the preparation of your event or support for its operational delivery.

Logistikk og utleie


The analysis of opportunities, the presentation of a project, the identification of its key success factors, the preparation of a business plan and the identification of stakeholders are the fundamental steps in the realisation of any event.

Once the foundations have been laid and the project is launched, a range of skills are mobilized to deliver the project: logistics, communication, sales & partnerships, budget follow-up, internal planning, management of external stakeholders and sometimes, TV production, are all areas that contribute to the success and value creation of an event.

Each project is unique and aims to achieve different objectives. Our experience and professionalism are assets that we would like to make available for the realisation of your projects.

Whether for a support limited to certain aspects of your event, or a broader collaboration, contact us to present your project!


The business model of any event is based on sponsorship revenues. Do you own the rights to your event? We can assist you in developing your revenues. 

Thanks to our extensive network of private companies and public authorities in Norway, we can help you in the commercial prospection of your event (sales pitch, targeting, prospection meetings and signature of sponsorship contracts).

Once the agreements are concluded, we can develop a complete partnership activation plan to generate satisfaction and ROI from your sponsors.

Partnerskap & aktivering


We believe that sporting events can serve as catalysts for development, promotion, and collaboration. We are happy to attend your conferences to share our passion for sports and the experience from our events (Arctic Race of Norway, Narvik 2029…).

The organisation of business conferences or inspirational conferences is always an integral part of our events. We can assist you in planning and organising your own conference.

Through unique sports concepts, we are committed to the sustainable development of our Arctic region and the promotion of Norway internationally.