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Since 2009, we have been working for the development of Northern Norway and the promote of the country internationally. We put sport and culture at the heart of our events, and our vision can be summarized in three words: “True Arctic Emotions”.

This vision guides us in the development of sports and cultural concepts that combine organizational excellence, promotion of the unique landscapes of Northern Norway and their equally unique people, and support for the development of our region.

Since 2013, the Arctic Race of Norway has been our flagship project. Inspired by the Tour de Andørja, a local sporting and cultural event, the Arctic Race of Norway is in many ways a 4-day "mini-Tour de France" in the North of Norway. It is already one of the most important sporting events in Norway due to its organizational, sporting and media standards.

Together with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), organizer of some of the world's biggest sporting events such as the Tour de France, the Paris Marathon or the Dakar Rally, we have developed a unique experience and expertise, which we put at the service of new sporting and cultural projects for Northern Norway and the whole country.

For example, since 2017 we have been contributing to the project to host the 2029 FIS Alpine World Skiing Championships in Narvik. For this project, we have used the same collaboration platform as for the Arctic Race of Norway in order to create popular support from the whole country, strong engagement from all political and business stakeholders, and aim at promoting the unique landscapes of Northern Norway to the world.

We are passionate about sport and always focused on its social and economic role. We are fully committed to mobilize all energies and accomplish much more than just sporting events!

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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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Tom Høgli
Project Manager
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